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Mandiri Syariah Priority

Mandiri Syariah Priority


Get exclusive services from Bank Syariah Mandiri specifically for you as a special individual. We are determined to build partnership with you by developing the innovative one stop financial services and presenting Priority Banking Officers who are dedicated to optimizing the growth and benefits of your assets in such proportion.

Customer Services/Benefits

Priority Banking Officer


Let us serve you through our Priority Banking Officers dedicated to helping you manage your banking needs and providing the right solution for your overall financial planning.


Priority Service Counters


Let us present a different banking transaction experience for your banking transaction convenience at the Priority Service Counters (PSC).


List of PLCs


Safe Deposit Box *


We provide you with a Safe Deposit Box (SDB) facility for free in the first year to protect your assets.


*in medium size, as long as they are available.

List of SDB



Consolidated Financial Statements


The statements contain all your fund and financing portfolios to be delivered every month.



Starter Packs


An exclusive package is provided to you as an initial present for you upon becoming part of the extended family of the Mandiri Syariah Priority.




Birthday Presents


Special treatment on your special day.



Overseas Education Assistance


Education consultation abroad with professional consultants for your child's education solutions. In association with:


Zakat Consultation


Mandiri Syariah Priority in association with BSM Laznas will help you calculate zakat to purify your assets.



Inheritance Consultation


Get the only inheritance consulting services at Mandiri Syariah Priority.



Medical Check Up *


Comprehensive examination and health consultation facilities for you and your family.


* Applies to customers with fund portfolios.

Rp5 Billion.


Airport Executive Lounge


You can enjoy the convenient Airport Executive Lounges at the Airport while waiting for your flight.


List of Airport Executive Lounge and Airport Check in and Baggage Handling.


Check in & Baggage Handling


Let us offer you convenience while checking-in and handling baggage for greater comfort of your trip.


List of Airport Executive Lounge and Airport Check in and Baggage Handling.


Exclusive Events

Mandiri Syariah Priority holds exclusive events for you to expand your classy social life.