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Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah)




Ease of long-term financial planning



A BSM Card, serving as an ATM and Debit Card



Save and secured

Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah)

Savings under the principle of safekeeping (wadiah), with withdrawals at any time under the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Features & Fees

  • Within the sharia principles under the principle of safekeeping contract (wadiah)
  • Minimum initial deposit: Rp20,000 (without ATM) & Rp30,000 (with ATM)
  • Minimum subsequent deposit: Rp10,000
  • Minimum balance: Rp20,000
  • Account closure fee: Rp10,000
  • Administration fee: Rp2,000 per account/month or equal to a monthly bonus (not deducting the principle)
  • ATM card maintenance fee: Rp2,000 per month


  • Save and secured
  • Online throughout the BSM outlets
  • Monthly bonuses given at the discretion of BSM
  • BSM Card facility, serving as an ATM & debit card, and a discount card with merchants in cooperation with BSM
  • e-Banking facilities: BSM Mobile Banking and BSM Net Banking
  • Distribution of zakat, infaq, and alms


What are the requirements?

Identity: Customer’s ID Card/Passport

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