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Motor Vehicles Financing

BSM Motor Vehicle Financing (PKB) is financing for the purchase of a motor vehicle under the mark-up/cost plus financing system (murabahah). Financing that can be categorized as PKB is:

  1. Type of motor vehicle: Car
  2. Condition of motor vehicle: New

The financing term for a new car is 5 years.


What are the requirements?


  • The applicant must have a regular job and/or income
  • Minimum age of the applicant at the time of applying for motor vehicle financing: 21 years; and maximum age: 55 years at motor vehicle financing facility maturity
  • Application for motor vehicle financing may be submitted individually or collectively under coordination of the agency where the applicants are employed.

Required Documents:

  • A copy of identity: ID Card/Driving License
  • A copy of Family Certificate
  • A certificate bearing the signature of the competent/authorized official from the agency/company where the applicant is employed declaring that the applicant is the employee of the relevant agency/company.
  • A salary slip that is validated by the agency/company where the applicant is employed.
  • Description of the motor vehicles to be purchased, including the vehicle type, manufacture year, a copy of the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (BPKB), name of the previous buyer, and price of the vehicle.
  • A copy of Marriage Certificate (for a married employee)
  • A spousal consent (for a married employee).
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