BSM Foreign Currency Deposit


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BSM Foreign Currency Deposit

Definite term investment in Dollar currency that is managed within the unrestricted profit sharing principle (Mudharabah Mutlaqah) for individuals and non-individuals.

Features & Fees:

  • Flexible term: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Fund management is within the sharia principles
  • Minimum initial deposit: USD1,000
  • A stamp duty: Rp6,000.


What are the requirements?


  • Customer’s ID Card/Passport


  • ID Card/Passport of the Management or authorized officer(s)
  • Company’s Deed of Establishment and Deed of Amendment along with their Validation
  • Articles of Association of the Company
  • Trading License, Registration Number/business licenses from the competent agencies, Taxpayer ID, Certificate of Domicile
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