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Let’s Manage Our Salary Starting From Now

Let’s Manage Our Salary Starting From Now

Hi guys! When driving a motorbike, car, or bicycle, you know what brakes are for. Yeah, brakes are to stop a car in order to avoid anything untoward. Just try driving a car without brakes, so how the traffic would turn out?

The same goes for managing finance. Bro and Sista who receive a monthly salary must have brakes too. Every time they receive salaries they are reminded of the function of the brakes.

You can step on the gas, which means to buy something just to pamper yourself. But you should quantify yourself. Or, you resign yourself to a coma on the 10th day, or in other words you fall into a coma on the 10th day. It’s always annoying if we have to find money to borrow on the 10th day of the month. No way!

It’s gravely mistaken about the assumption that when you’re young you’re there just for the heck of it, ‘You Only Live Once (YOLO)’ or You Live But Once in the World, and think only for today. If anything, young age is the right time to plan the prosperous life for the future.

Do you choose to live at that in the next five or ten years? Residing in the same house with your parents, for example, or having no car yet. You won’t live with it, will you?

Planning for the future isn’t as taxing as you might think. You don’t need to change your lifestyle 180 degrees. You only need to be smarter to manage your money. How?

You can start out with saving or investing. Both ways can be a key to a radiant future.

You may be thinking, “Ah, why should save money only to get a little.

If it’s the case, there isn’t anything wrong with saving, but just lack of commitment. If you want your savings growing in the future, first, you have to set the nominal amount to save every month.

Every time you get a salary, rush to set aside some to be deposited to your savings account and pay off the bills, then you can enjoy your salary. There’s more, the next step is you have to remember to spend the rest of it wisely. Put need first, want later.

If you feel saving money is cumbersome because there is always a strong temptation to draw on your savings, you can change your savings into another form, such as deposits. Or, if you want your account balance to increase, you can choose gold savings, with value tending to increase in the long term, and it’s easier to withdraw in case of urgency.

You can, in addition, opt to invest in order to grow your money (#MuterDuitKamu). Well, for the beginners, there are investment products deserving choice by you, such as investment in the form of shares and mutual funds.

You keep thinking and thinking, “Investing in shares and mutual funds must need large capital, while there isn’t enough money to invest.

Ah, the assumption that investment in shares is expensive is outdated. In practice, with Rp100 thousand you can now invest in shares or micro-mutual funds. The fundamental difference between the two products lies in the management. Share products require you to more actively in analyzing the development of your money, whereas through a mutual fund product, your money will be managed by an Investment Manager (IM). So, it is crucial for mutual fund holders to be more selective in choosing an Investment Manager in order for the money to be managed properly.

You can get share products from the nearest securities company within your area. In terms of mutual funds, you can buy them from an investment management company that issues and manages mutual funds, or from a bank that acts as a Mutual Fund Selling Agent (APERD).

Just look at the careful thought that you and your friends had lunch at a restaurant or coffee and spent up to Rp100 thousand. You say that investment in shares and mutual funds is expensive? Or, you still prefer drinking coffee to investing?

How? From now on, let’s change the mindset of “Life Only Once,” and start from the management of your finance on god judgement because the radiant future begins with your habits and plans in managing your finance at this minute. Let it not be forgotten to save and invest your money in order to reap the harvest in the future.

Well, those who want to find information about Mutual Funds and Share Savings, please check BSM. BSM provides sharia share savings. The funds are available for transactions in the sharia capital market with Mandiri Sekuritas. (Source: Respond to Your Money/OJK)

BSM Editor